New from Sub-Zero


Sub-Zero has introduced additions and enhancements to its line of integrated wine storage. Available beginning in March 2015, the company’s wine storage includes updated performance features that target and fight the enemies of wine, including temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity and vibration. Sub-Zero wine storage incorporates new performance features, such as precise temperature control to maintain temperatures in up to two zones of the unit (one for red, one for white) within one degree of its set point. UV-resistant glass, soft LED lighting and an even darker interior than before protect wine from light. Dual-evaporators maintain the appropriate level of humidity, eliminating the chance of corks drying out or becoming too moist, which could result in damaged wine. Additionally, full-extension interior racks are covered with a coating that not only gives owners full access to every bottle of wine, but also cradles each bottle to prevent vibration. In addition to preservation features, Sub-Zero’s integrated wine storage also incorporates design features, including three new widths – a 30-in. size, available in March 2015, and 18-in. and 24-in. sizes, available in April 2015.
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