The Construction Process


We maintain a very high level of communication with our customers though out the entire construction process to ensure that they understand what work is to be performed and when it will begin and end.


The first step in the construction process is to develop the project schedule. A detailed break down is created showing when each phase of the project will take place. The project schedule is delivered all of the projects participants and to the owner.

Turn Around Time

Items with the longest turn around time will be ordered and the project schedule will be organized by their arrival. Appliances, cabinets, and windows often have long turn around times. All our projects are carefully scheduled to ensure there is no lag time between phases of the work.


We take great pride in our craftsmanship. We perform quality work and we keep a clean job site. A dirty site is a disorganized work environment; it is unsafe and uncomfortable for us and our customers. When debris are created we remove them from the work site promptly, we install dust protection to keep dust infiltration to the other areas of the job site in check, and we clean the work area daily. All these efforts help to ensure that our clients will feel as comfortable as possible during the construction as possible.


Prior to the start of the work a Project Manager is assigned to oversee the entire job. The project manager has the responsibility to ensure our customers are kept up to date on the status of the work and to ensure all elements of the project unfold smoothly. Additionally, one of the main functions of the project manager is to control costs. All our jobs have very strict cost control measures in place, costs are logged into our job accounting software as they occur and all stake holders are kept up to date on the cost status of each element and of the overall project.

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