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New Bathroom Products

Here are two new bathroom products  you may find helpful. The WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus from Panasonic, a wall-mounted combination humidity and temperature sensor, now includes automatic seasonal adaptability with an optional moisture selector and an adjustable fan timer. The sensor detects hot air and humidity based on dew point, and turns on the ventilation… Read more »

Why I don’t recommend laminate & prefinished flooring

Why I don’t recommend laminate & prefinished flooring The problems with laminate flooring in brief Beveled edge catches dirt Floating flooring sounds hollow Thin wear layer is easily damaged Cracks between planks allows water intrusion There are many types of residential flooring. Hardwood, vinyl, cork, bamboo, ceramic tile, laminate, carpet, concrete, terrazzo, and linoleum are… Read more »

The Carpenter’s Tool Box

The Carpenter’s Tool Box Every Carpenter should have a good set of tools. Whether you are a home-owner planning on performing carpentry tasks or a beginning professional, the tools l have listed below will help make your work easier. Worm Drive Saw My worm drive saw made by Skill is the most versatile tool I… Read more »